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Terms and rental procedures


1/ Application

Please fill in the   Application boat   hire with full details - exact dates for rent,  port for sailing,  model of the selected boat, the exact number of people.

Your additional questions, please fill in the form for questions.

2/ Reservations

In order to confirm your reservation, you need to contact us through our email within three days. A reservation is deemed definite once the required deposit is paid (40% of the total fare). Please send us the following necessary documents:

           1.Two side copy of your Identity Card or copy of your passport.

           2. Copy of your speed boat handling license.

           3. Your details for the issue of payment receipts.

To complete the booking a boat you must deposit 40% of the total amount of the fare. The remaining 60% is paid as you receive the boat.

2 -a)  Consumer protection for remote transactions  - LAW 2251/1994 (Government Gazette 191 A’ / November 16, 1994) 

3/ Insurance

All our boats are covered by liability insurance to third parties under Greek law 2743/99 to the following limitations of one incident:
Death / injury of 50,000 € per person and up to 500,000 € per event.
Material damage to third parties 150,000 €
Pollution of the marine territory 150,000 €
Insurance does not cover financial accidents suffered by passengers in the boat, and loss of personal belongings caused by their fault. As misuse of the engine, the boat and its equipment.

4/ Departure

On the day of departure, the port you have selected will have to sign the necessary documents for the rent of the boat, as well as other financial payments.

The lessee / operator of the ship shall have the original license speed boat operator, ID card, passport and  credit card and copies. You are presented with a detailed explanation of the boat and equipment. Accept and sign the protocol state of the boat and equipment. Get information about the documents that accompany the boat - insurance, permit, etc.

The vessel is delivered by us, with full fuel tanks and water to further facilitate the process.

Shortly before departure you will be asked to show your skills to manage the boat.

These steps can be performed on site one day before departure by agreement of the parties.

5/ Return

On your return, you have one hour before arrival at the port you have chosen to call us by phone to receive the vessel.

On receipt check the boat and equipment for damage .If any damage or lack of equipment on board caused during the tenancy, the tenant burden.

Then becomes the filling the fuel shall be payable by the lessee.

6/ Cancellation cases

The rules followed by KMB boats in case of cancellation of the lease are as follows:

Reservation which canceled 25 days before the fare is refundable 100% deposit

Reservation which canceled 10 days before the fare is refundable 50% deposit

Booking will be canceled 5  days before the fare is not refundable.

7/ Weather conditions

The lease and the boat’s departure are performed normally, provided that in the point of delivery and return, the wind force does not exceed 7 degrees in the Beaufort scale and since the port authorities allow it. However if the weather conditions do not allow the departure upon the date of the lease commencement, there will be relevant arrangements with the company.






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