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Rent a Boat


Rent a Boat

Escape  now!

Destination : Unlimited blue

Transport : Rigid Inflatable Boat  YRIA

Katsonis Marine Boats  is a boat rental company, based in Naxos. 

If you want to wander by boat from island to island in the  Cyclades, Naxos  is  the ideal starting point. Exploring, swimming, fishing, diving...... Discover beautiful beaches that are only accessible by boat, and make your summer vacation be unforgettable.

We offer Skipper if you can not manage the boat or you do not have the appropriate license.

Katsonis Marine Boats  is the best choice for boat rental in Naxos  and Small Cyclades, and guarantees you safety and quality of service, whether it is a business trip or summer vacation in these beautiful islands.

If you are yacht and sea lovers, visit  Katsonis Marine Boats - Rent a R.I.B. boat   of your choice for day trips or longer holidays.

Renting a R.I.B. boat , relieves you from the stress and responsibility of the owner, allowing you to enjoy your valuable free time in the sea.

The rental prices are affordable and attractive, thus the cost depends on the period of hire and the number of people that share it. In this manner, all the maintenance costs of a privately-owned vessel are avoided.


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